About Schacht & Associates:
How We Work
For over 10 years Schacht & Associates has helped us produce quality
work with a very high success rate. We always get our money's worth.

Anita Addison, La Clínica de la Raza
We appreciate your interest in working with Schacht & Associates. The brief description below will help you understand how we typically work with our clients.

  1. Jennie Schacht, founder and principal, will speak with you to understand the scope, demands and parameters of your project.

  2. Where appropriate, we will identify one or more associates who can offer the best fit for your project, with one associate acting as lead. In some cases, Ms. Schacht will be your primary contact.

  3. The selected lead associate will speak or meet with you to learn more about your organization and project.

  4. Both you and the lead associate report back to let us know that you feel confident about working together. If you prefer, we will try to identify another associate appropriate for the job.

  5. We establish a contract and work plan for the project. Pricing is based on our conversations with you and any associates assigned to the job about what it will take to get the job done, taking into account any budgetary limitations.

  6. Once a contract is in place, the lead will be your primary contact. If any associates are assigned, they will complete work under subcontract with Schacht & Associates.

  7. Ms. Schacht will remain your contact for business matters, and will oversee the associate's work. Ms. Schacht will be available to both you and any assigned associates for guidance and assistance throughout the project.

  8. When an associate is lead, in most cases Ms. Schacht's input will be incorporated into major products before you see them. This assures that deliverables you receive have been reviewed by at least two consultants outside your organization.

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